Discover Freeman High In Henrico County

For many families moving to a new area, one of the big concerns is the school system for their children. If you plan on having your children attend a public school but you want one that offers a great education then you might want to look to Henrico County as it has some great public schools. If your children are high school age then you might want to discover Freeman High located in Henrico County.

Freeman High’s History

The school was founded in the mid-1950s and named after Mr. Douglas Southall Freeman who was a Pulitzer prize winning author and historian. Although this is a public high school it is run in many ways like a private prep school. In the past, it even had fraternities and sororities although the school did eventually discontinue those.


The county of Henrico has a system in place where each high school specializes in a certain area of education. Freeman High specializes in global economics and government. This program is a magnet for those seeking a top public education. The high school, in general, is one where students who have clear educational and career goals will find that it is a great school to go to.

One aspect of the school is that because it focuses on preparing students for college it is often ahead academically to other high schools found in other regions. For this reason, some students who come from a different high school to Freeman High may struggle to catch up to the level where the students are in their class.


This high school has a substantial athletics program. It includes cross country for both boys and girls, a championship football team, and the softball team. As well, they have golf, boys and girls tennis, outdoor track, and girls volleyball. In recent years the boy’s volleyball team were semi-finalists and the girl’s soccer team played in a state tournament. The baseball team also won a regional championship.

This high school is arguably one of the finest public high school institutions in the country and certainly one of the finest in the state. Any child who attends this high school will get an excellent education and will be well prepared for college. The ability to attend this high school depends on the area that you live so you will need to check to get the exact areas in Henrico County that make your children eligible for this High School.